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I'm desperate and I need help.

A little over last week, I applied 20% glycolic acid to my chest and back and followed it with cream. I had it overnight and the next day my skin was peeling off. The night of that day, I applied retinoic acid on the same areas and followed it again with cream. My skin peeled even further. I thought the acne on my skin would disappear faster, but then turns out I made my skin condition even worse.

My chest and back are all red and itchy. And there's no scab that formed on the surface of my skin after I applied the glycolic acid as it should.

I'm so frantic right now. I don't know what to do. Will my skin result to permanent scarring or permanent hyperpigmentation on the areas where I applied the acids?

What should I do to heal my damaged skin? Will it ever go back to normal? :(:(:(

Please, I need good advice.... so badly... I'd cry... U_U

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I'm not an expert but I'll try to help!

Try not to irritate the affected areas by not touching, and wearing loose clothing.

Neosporin that shit everynight.

I don't know if it will scar or not.. it depends on the individual's skin.

I'd just go to the docta if I were you..

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Most likely it'll heal. Usually powerful peels cause skin to look horrible immediately afterwards. It'll go away eventually. Make sure you moisturize a lot use things like Vaseline, Cetaphil, or Aquaphor. Don't irritate your skin anymore than it already is.

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Extra Virgin Oliv Oil... and I promis, it will not make acne worse or make skin oily. EVOO is chock full of Vitamin E oil. Give it a try

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