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Need some help??

Okk so i was a few questions guys... Im 19 struggling with sometime moderate to in some cases severe acne and i just started my regimen 2 days ago.. I was taking antibiotics n they were working fine but then i ran out and my acne got really bad in a period of 2 weeks i have acne all over my chin really bad the nech boton cheak area is horrible thank god i dont shave lol

Ok so do I have to shave everyday in order for the regimen to work becausse my bear is hidding some of my big ass red pimples???? someone please ???

Also i wake up at 3 am for work get out arounfd pm2 na thats when i put on the regimin and at night too... Is it bad that i dont put on the regimen in the mornings ???

Thanks guys

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I'm confused by your question, so others might be too. Do you shave or not, and are you asking if you have to shave for the regimen? If you are I think shaving is truly up to you in the end. Keep in mind that acne is a disorder of the hair follicle, so you might want to look into whether or not it is better for someone with acne to shave or not.

As for when you should wash your face. I would say wash when you wake up at 3 am then when you get off around 2 pm. This would give your 12 hours in between washing, wish you should try to do. The only thing is you wouldn't be doing the regimen at night before bed which may feel weird, and I don't know what you are doing once you get off work. Just keep in mind that you should space 2 washing between 12 hours.

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ohhh ok.. See I dont like shaving because my skin gets really irritated and because you could see how bad my acne is.. But if I have to ill grow some umm u know lol n suk it up... thanks tho...

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