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Doc prescribed accutane

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I finally got accutane. My doc said the oil will come back after stopping accutane, but i will be curd of acne. Can someone please tell me if it makes sense? If you get oil back, aren't the pores gonna get plogged again?

Now I am really wondering whether I should waste my health on temporary fix? I dont know what to do, please help

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If you are that unhappy with your skin, I think that it's worth a try. Also, from the posts that i've read, it seems as though the oil comes back, just not as bad as before the accutane.

I just started accutane on Feb. 6, and I haven't noticed anything yet, but I am very optomistic about it, and am getting really excited to have clear skin in just a few more months!

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You're right- if the oil is supposed to come back, one would think that the sebaceous glands would return to their normal size and start pumping out acne again. However, since people experience extreme drying of the skin right away, one would think their acne would disappear immediately too, right? But it doesn't work like that and, yeah, it doesn't make much sense. Accutane is more than a temporary fix. I think it's totally worth the risks, but you can't know how it'll go for you until you try it. I guess you just have to weigh the odds and the risks against how badly acne is affecting the quality of your life and how badly you want to clear up your skin. Before I starting treatment, I would have done or gone through ANYTHING to have clear skin. You don't have anything to lose, really, and if it gets too horrible you can always stop. I would encourage you to go for it, by all means. Good luck. :wink:

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Well, my acne is pretty stubborn, but I noticed that if I dont mess around with big cysts, they go away, and I am left with smaller ones, which I can keep under control more or less with BP, but it never is 100 % clear, its more like 90 - 95% ... When I get cysts, I am tempted to pop them or run a needle thru them, and then i get more cysts in the same area, which takes weeks to heal, so right now my skin is playing jokes on me, it sort of cleared up, and is getting better (knock on wood) ... maybe my brain does not want accutane and is tricking me - giving me false hope... but i have the prescription and will get the pills, and if I get one more break out within next month ...thats it man!!! Game will be over ....

i am giving it one more chance...better not fuck up ..or else accutane... something like that

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Yeah, the oil does come back, but not that much as before. In fact, I barely notice the oil on my face, except in the nose area. Otherwise, my skin is rather oil-free. I have seen only one or two small whiteheads appear on my face since I completed Accutane four months ago. Whether or not your face will remain clear permanently after Accutane will vary from person to person, but my derm said that in about 80% of cases, there is a permanent relapse in the acne. So far it seems that I'm in that 80%, and that makes the months on Accutane well worth it.

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