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Hey everyone,

I am new here..

Ok well my skin used to be perfect a few months back, maybe around 2-3 months back..fair and clear skinned and also glowy!

Well one day I got dermatitis and my dermo prescribed me elidel and cetaphil, it worked really well and in a few days I was clear..but on my right cheek, near my nose I had tiny lil dots and open pores but thats it.

One day I woke up in the morning and I had two HUGE painful pus filled pimple-one on each cheek! I freaked out and I did over a 100 experiments to get rid of them. I used tea tree oil and at first it kinda worked, removing scars and pimples but my pimples kept coming back. I was really frustrated and depressed. So anyways, i went to dermo again and she gave me DLC Spot therapy with a 2% salicylic acid, i used it on my one pimple which was really hard and scab like and well it kinda just made it harder, im pretty sure its a scab cuz its hard and looks like it will peel off eventually, but when i used it on my blemish(the gel) it made it red and irritated and now there is this red patch. Im fed up! My mom wont let me go to dermo again, I have been applying honey on my whole face, hoping it will heal the weird red patch and on the scab, so it falls off faster without any scar.

Could anyone PLEASE help on what to do?! HOW do i get rid of the red patch? and what do i do with the scab? Should i continue using this gel?

I know its a really long posy, but I wanted to get out all my facts.

P.S. I have dry and very sensitive skin and have done a lot of experiments on my face!

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When it turns to being like a scab it means its about to 'fall off' and go away. Just let it be. You will be happy that you did when the mark fads away after 2 weeks.

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