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Forearm Issues

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I've been getting some red bumps on my upper forearms (like right below the elbow). I've never really had acne there, but this winter I started wearing a lot of long sleeve shirts and pushing up the sleeves. I'm guessing that it caused some irritation and started giving me some forearm acne. However, what I don't understand is that it's now July and I haven't worn long sleeve shirts in months. So do you think it's acne for sure, or could it be something like ingrown hairs (note it's only on my right forearm for some reason).

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Dan mentioned in one of his videos that mysterious break-outs may be caused by sun exposure. I work outside, and my arms have become a little tanned over the last couple of months (England, sun, what?). However i've also been getting the odd few red spots on them, which I generally never get. I've gotten a few on my upper arms too recently - which is also rare for me, but probably not so seldom as my forearms.

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Within this last year I started getting a occasional zit on either forearm right around or below my elbows. I've currently got a good sized one on each arm and this is after them clearing up here in the past. Not sure what the heck is it I'm doing to cause them.

I sometimes wonder if I were to wipe my face with my arm, like from sweating if the sebum from my face, bacteria and crap is transferring over to cause that.. oily ass skin sucks

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