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Hey Guys im new here and just wanted to share this with you,

I am glad that i have finally found a place where i dont feel like an absolute outsider because of my acne!

I hate it so much im 18 and ok it has cleared up a lot sice i was about 14 - 16 but its still not completelyy gone and flare ups are still bad when they do happen.

i feel that even though i have the chance i push my friends away and giirlfirends when ive had one because i know that if i get a bad flare up i will not go out with them or go to college etc . . does any one else have this problem ?

Basically i wash my face two times a day with simple soap and this seems good for me, i also drink lots of water and regulary drink green tea, i dnt shave as this recks my skin so i just use a "trimmer" and this also helps.

Is there any other ways n e one would suggest help or any comments you wanna add ?

Hope to hee from you after all we are all going through the same.


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Niacin has really helped me but it has not helped my Daughter. It seems that there are many different forms of acne and many causes.

I'm back here to look for another cure for my Daughter. It breaks my heart to read about so many people hiding away with this terrible affliction.

Never Give Up!

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I'm sorry to hear that acne is affecting your daily life and relationships, that is never a good thing. My best advice would be to seek help from a dermatologist. I have had acne for 8 years and have spent thousands on over the counter cleaners, scrubs, peels, creams, etc. not to mention antibiotics from my family doctors and none of them have helped. I just started Accutane/isotretinoin three weeks ago and I am already seeing amazing results. Check out my blog if you'd like to learn a little bit more about isotretinoin and the effects I am experiencing - accutanediaries . wordpress . com

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I remember when I was like that, scared to face the world because of my face.

Hang in there! A great treatment I found was BP (Benzoyl Peroxide). I recommend trying that if you have not already. Goodluck!

As Naruto said ~ NEVER GIVE UP!

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