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Acne invading new areas of my face like a slow puberty

Ive discovered that as I aged, my acne moved from my nose corners, to outer nose, to chin, to besides chin and forehead, temples, and now cheeks. Its like Im going through puberty REAALLY slowly and the skin on my face is maturing one patch at a time :) I noticed that the areas I used to have breakouts in my teen years in, is now smooth and clear, but my pores look like adult pores, and its rather oily. WHEREAS my upper cheeks still have that soft pre-teen glow to them. Anyone else experience this?

I suspect that my skin is maturing really slowly and that every inch of skin will eventually get infected before it will be "normal" again (which makes me depressed - say it aint so!) I really want to hang onto my beautiful cheeks! They are the only nice skin I have left. Non-oily, supple, smooth as silk...

Maybe its worse to have ones WHOLE face look like a pizza for 3 years, I dont know, but this slow progression is annoying

Is anyone else going through this?

Other notes*******************************

I am seeing a new dermatologist, and she had gotten rid of the cysts with oral antibiotics.

The rest is still breaking out on the lower jaw though. Small ones. And a couple of rather large ones on the cheeks which Ive never experienced before except while on accutane. Thats how I got my 1 and only acne scar... dam accutane and my cheeks making 5 or 6 zits that joined together and destroyed the soft tissue there. Now theres a little lowered area about 5mm by 10mm.

The best my skin s looked so far is when my Dermo gave me 1 week of ANTI-INFLAMMATORIES. Brilliant stuff. Improvement in 3 days! but still lots of blocked pores just waiting... and all the red marks of course.

Theres a whole thread on taking certain painkillers/antiinflammatories like naproxen sodium (Aleve) to bring acne down. Now that my Derm gave me some, I believe it. makes your stomach bleed if you overdose tho be careful.

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