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Whats your opinion on which is best?

Both low gi - but is it better to have lots of good fats - fish oil, olive oil etc, and cut down and carbs like bread and pasta or have low fat but eat more carbs?


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You can still eat some good fats on the low fat diet. Also you are mostly eating simple carbs on the low fat diet such as fruits and vegetables which are the bodies best energy source, easiest to digest too.

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My observations (gathered over nearly 30 years of acne - starting at age 11) -

I've tried various combinations of low-fat, low saturated fat but moderate to high levels of mono-and polyunsaturated fats, low to no alcohol, and various levels of sugar ranging from no carbohydrate to complex carbs only to all the sugar I want - and I've noticed the following:

1. Saturated fats and dairy are more likely to produce cysts, boils and other deep scarring forms of acne for me.

2. Very high levels of sugars in isolation (ie just in soft drinks rather than eating lots of cakes and pies, which I'd avoid due to the fat content) tend to produce more surface spots - little whiteheads which are easy to pop and are gone the next day.

3. Alcohol generally makes my skin pasty, sluggish and unhealthy looking, and causes whatever spots I do get to heal much much much more slowly. Red marks I'd had for nearly a year finally started to heal once I quit drinking, and my skin is generally clearer and seems to have fewer clogged pores (judged on the basis of - stop reading now if you are easily grossed out - how much gunk comes out of my pores if I squeeze them post-steaming or hot bath)

The above observations come from trying things like no saturated fats, but whatever sugars I like, low carb but whatever fats I like, low saturated fats and complex carbs only, and the latter plus no alcohol as variants of diet. following the latter, my skin is essentially clear, but if I drink too many sodas, i get a few surface whiteheads.

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