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I just have to get this out there....many of us here are not strangers when it comes to quest for great looking skin....and many have voiced concerns, over their marks, scars, treatments that don't work, etc...so here's my story:

After debating for a long time, waiting for years for the price to go down, I finally got my Fraxel June 11th....I was happy with the results and was very hopeful that it was going to be a road to a great looking skin.

Not longer than a week later, I ended up with a very bad case of chicken pox...with about 50+ blisters, scabs all over my face. Now not only I ended up with lots of big blotchy marks, quite a few of them have left me with crater like scars, etc even in the areas that previously looked pretty good....

I truly don't know why things land ironies ike this happen...and trying to understand it...but at least I hope some of you can wish me a good recovery and maybe in 3-4 Fraxel treatments that I was planning on doing anyway, it'll improve the condition.

Thanks for listening.

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Ouch! I'm sorry you had to suffer through this miserable experience. If you do pursue Fraxels in the future, perhaps it would be a good idea to ask for antibiotics and anti-herpes oral medication as a preventative. I've had Fraxel Re:pair (a much more intense procedure than Re:store), and medications are routinely prescribed to avoid infections and herpetic outbreaks (chicken pox is in the herpes family). I'm not sure if it was just a coincidence that you had a chickenpox outbreak following your Fraxel, but it may be connected. Good luck with your recovery.

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Thanks both you guys for your kind words....

Wantonwonderer- nope, my chicken pox was not caused by Fraxel. I got it from my dad (shingles), which at this point I just don't wanna think about that anymore and think good thoughts what Fraxel can do to minimize a few scars that I get now...

My face is smothered in vit E, moisturizer multi vitamin C/A/E all the time now...hope that helps!

Thanks again guys.

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