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Help Sorting Out These Scarred Pores/ Ice Picks

I'm (mostly) acne free right now, but I've got scars on pretty much every area of my body from compulsive picking.

The scars on my arms, chest, and back don't particularly bother me (only one person has asked me about them), but the scars left on my face do bother me quite a bit. You see, I've got hyperpigmentation, and a few box car scars on my forehead but nothing bothers me more than the stretched pores on my cheeks. My face gets very oily and that combined with the fact that I don't like to wash off my sunscreen in the middle of the day lends my skin a grainy, pitted look that I'm very self conscious about.

I've struggled with compulsive hair pulling and skin picking for years. For me, the worst part of the day is getting up in the morning and seeing the damage that I've done to myself.

I am now considering retin-A . Just wanted to hear your thoughts.

Left Cheek


Right Cheek


I apologize for the quality, I will post better pictures when I have more time. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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Go ahead and give Retin-A a try. Your scarring looks pretty mild from your photos, so it might help. Just remember could take several months before you start seeing improvement. Good luck!

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:surprised: Thanks for the reply minty. Love the name by the way.

I just want to know if anyone else with similar problems has had any success with retin-a.

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