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Hey sorry for making another thread >.<... I really should slow down... but soo many problems.

Anyways i've noticed that starting maybe a month ago my skin will get all red and itchy, but its not a smooth red all across my face... its towards the areas that tend to be drier/more irritated(like an outline), every time after I have a big meal....... I understand that this has something to do with the circulation of blood in the capillaries/veins.. but anyone know why my body has begun doing this?

My history of vitamins include:

Omega 3's

Vit A


Pantothenic Acid.

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Don't worry about making a bunch of threads, we're all here to help anyways =P

Have you changed anything in your diet, gone of a certain vitamin [or on], or changed something topically?

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Hmm... just want to double check you are not taking niacin supplements because a common side effect of the vitamin is flushing. Also, a lot of cholesterol medications have niacin in them too.

Niacin is found in many foods too, however I don't know if increase food sources of niacin would cause the same side effect of flushing like supplementation does.

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yeah try not taking the b-complex for a week and see what happens, if it goes down it was the niacin

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