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Clogged pores on my lips!

Hey all so this wicked wierd thing is happening. I am getting like these clogged pore type things on my lips. like actually on the lip. Not even just around the edge. Im on my last month of accutane too so my face is looking good but the last couple of days this crazy shit has started happening. They look like little white bubbles with a black head in the center. I think it may be a result of being at work for 8 plus hours at a time with no chapstick or something and having my lips flake all over the place--- while layers of skin are flaking off, and then i put aquaphor on before i get rid of the flakes and then a new layer of skin grows on top on the flaked creating the clogging? thats just my theory. Advice or suggestions would be hugely appreciated.

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Sounds like dead skin building up or oil/crap from food you ate sitting in the pores. Salicylic acid wipes would be a good idea to use after eating around your mouth to deal with that. But with the dry lips and Tane that might not be the best idea.

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thanks for the input. Yea its kinda a mystery for me at this point. I guess im just gonna try to avoid irritation and as much contact with my lips as possible and pretty much just "do it live".

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