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Do you put moisturiser on your forehead?

So I'm trying to start moisturising my skin. I bought me a moisturiser in boots tother day. It was a bloody rip-off it cost like a fiver. It's called...hmm what is it called. Hang on. I will go and look. Stay right there people.

Ok im back! Ya miss me? It's called Garnier Daily Treatment Moisturiser, and it promises to help prevent imperfections. Obviously I know that's a blatant LIE cos they any product what says that is a vicious liar...but i just want to moisturise my skin anyway, get rid of all the weird white flaky bits.

What was my query again. OH YEAh. Are u supposed ta put moisturiser on your forehead? I have a vague vague memory, from years ago, of me about to put moisturiser on my foreheaad and my mum sayin frantically, "No! No! Don't do that! That will make the spots worse!" and she then called the police who in the end coaxed me to PUT THE MOISTURISER DOWN KID.

Well it kinda makes sense not moisturising your forehead, cos i can see that it may make it greasy. Is this true? Also, it be true that u aint supposed to moisturise the nose cos it causes blackheads?

Thankies guys i love you all mwah mwah mwaah

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yes. i think its important to.

*Don't wear a greasy one though during the day. I make sure its somewhat light and doesnt create too much shine.

lol ur really funny. u in europe or something?

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Yes I am from Europe, from the UK. But for a long time I didnt know that the UK was even part of Europe. But it is. Sometimes i kind of stupid. One time I asked my dad how come africa wasn't in the eurovision song contest. I said that it was really unfair that just cos some parts of africa were poor, the authorities didn't let them sing. I was all, why Father, Why? My dad just stared at me then went, "I'm sure if Africa was PART OF EUROPE then they surely would be in the eurovision song contest." I said, "oh."

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