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Please tell me what you think of this "regimen"?

I have quite mild acne around my mouth, usually just in the places that my beard hasn't completely grown yet, the connector pieces from my moustache to my sideburns and occasionally on my chin and upper lip. I very very VERY rarely get spots anywhere else - luckily.

My skin isn't dry, or oily - I think it's just right really, although sometimes my nose is quite oily. I think my acne could possibly be caused by hormones and just being a late puberty bloomer....

I hate calling it a regimen cos it sounds like i'm in the frickin' army or something.... So i'm calling it a daily routine. Anyway, here's my routine. Please tell me if you think anything should be added or taken away, and whether you think this is OK for my skin?



- 1 x Lymecycline / Tetralysal 300 tablet, with glass of water, 2 tablespoons of ACV

- Wash face in shower with only water

- Pat dry

- Apply 100% ACV with q-tip to indiviual spots (if needed).

- Moisturize with manuka honey moisturizer



Actimel probiotic yoghurt



- Wash face with oatmeal/goats milk soap

- Pat Dry

- Apply UMF 10+ Manuka Honey and 2 crushed aspirin pills to spots, leave for 10 minutes

- Wash off with water

- Tone with 50/50% ACV on cotton ball

- 1 Omega 3 fish oil tablet

- 1 Zinc Tablet

(Once a week)


- Mask of Manuka Honey, 4 asprin pills, oats - leave on for 1 hour - in place of step 2 in evening routine.

Btw, I don't just have that yogurt for lunch every day, I take it with my lunch - which is usually like watermelon and apples or something like that. Occasionally something unhealthy like a bacon sandwich :P

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It doesn't sound too bad.. you might be doing a bit too much. You say that you only have mild acne, so I would strongly suggest you go on the regimen on this site! I used to have moderate acne untill I got some Benzoyl Peroxide in March, now I'm totally clear on most days! I used to try the same stuff that you did, ACV e.t.c but none of them worked for me. They could work for you, but I really think you should try the acne.org regimen if you haven't already :) Good luck

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Yeah I tried Benyzol Peroxide and within 2 hours of using it my face puffed up like a balloon and went as red as a tomato, stayed like that for about a day. Never touching that evil stuff again.

Thanks for the support tho :)

edit: It also made horrible white marks on one of my favorite t-shirts, which I got from my first holiday to Canada!!!! lol

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It was this stuff called Quinoderm, I think it was 2.5 but i'm not entirely sure, I was prescribed it by my GP.

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