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!!READ: clear : READ!!

hey this is my first post , so here you go...

quick backgroung of myself im 20 , male and white , i live in Australia , queensland.

had ance from 17 , started as severe i think. i got to mild through the use of benzac and doxy , then my gp changed me to duac ( basicly the same but in a tube) this stuff got me completly clear for about 9 mths o yer i was also using a bp wash ( you fully take it for granted)

now i went through a phase when i was 20 , the all natural phase , a wash with all quality ingr ( aloe, licorice root , teatree etc)

then i broke out and have been screwed from there from there...

thats when i found this site.. i gave dans regeim a shot, 2 mth into it a was going ok, i only had white heads around my mouth area so i would say i was at minimal acne.

My biggest mistake was using to much crap, tea tree here bp there salycilc here...

so i come to realise my problem was over doing it , here what cleared me and why.

morning in shower ( this is the healing phase , bp just dried and made more pimples from shedding skin and slowed healing to a stop cause your skin needs mosture to heal)

- wash with cetaphil for about 20 sec , this is gentel and not tooo drying , its just to get and remaning oil, bp etc off

- jojoba oil , 4 drop in hand while in shower , rub real gental in downward motion(so i dont cog my pores) then splash cool water on face to close pore . this is the only way i can use this oil without breaking out ( gave me looooaads of bumps on head the first time i put it on )\

i had to use this because i found my biggest cause for my acne is dry skin , it flakes and gives me yellow tops :) around my mouth (this is the only dry area on my face)

-aloe - fresh from leaf, amazing stuff, its the only thing i can use to hydrate (all mostuizers i used broke me out) this stuff heals my old acne and is the best after shave and the best shaving gel , and if you put this with a few drop of jobjoba then put it in your hair .


- same as above , apart from the small amount of bp to the affect areas (dan bp A+) then aloe vera.

i havnt had a zit for two weeks, just pain in the arse red marks , anyho the point is

keep it simple , dont bombbard your skin with loads of creams , tree oils , it will freak your skin out. my brother is a yr younger and he never used anything but a cleanser , then all of a sudden his skin cleared up and im sure its from letting his skin heal itself and there i was still pumping my self with antibioticcs , peroxides..

maybe my skin had gotten over acne a yr ago and i didnt realize , cause my skin isnt oily or dry unless i use products on my face

anyhoo this sounded better in my head and im writting this while watching tv , if any1 has any q's let me no

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