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Acne, Products, and Color

Bleh, Edit.

Need a good recommended non itchy Moisturizer in the morning(not Olay please)

Also, a skin lightener (Lighten skin color as it balances out the colors of the skin)

Thanks, will try strongly recommended products.

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I didn't really understand your question.

You said you were using AHA and a BHA liquid, and then you asked if you should start using salicylic acid. Salicylic acid is BHA. It's the only BHA. So, you are already using it.

It sounds like these products are not keeping your acne under control, you know I'm going to suggest bp. ;)

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Oh sorry, i was on my Wii when i was typing this up haha.

I ment add on Dan's Beta Salicylic Acid product.

Somehow Cetaphil is starting to make my face oily once i got back from vacation.

I put it on, then dab some oil blotting sheets 10 mins after to check oils on my face, it's oily everywhere, back then i didn't use to have this problem.

So yeah, i guess i'll continue with bp if i can find a good moisturizer that doesn't leave all this oily stuff in a matter of minutes. Olay started to fail me as well, it's itching parts of the skin at random times and eventually acne forms at those itchy areas regardless of me touching it or not.

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