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Finally clearing & it's not the BP!

Everything that I have tried recently, BP and Hebiclens, seems to somewhat slowly work with a ton of side effects to boot. Side effects like dry, irritated, red skin, more breakouts...ect.

I've finally turned to a very Holistic extreme approach. One of which I would never have dreamed of doing if I wasn't so desperate.

My solution: I cut Coffee/Lattes and almost all caffeine from my daily routine and started drinking Spearmint Tea. 17 + yrs of drinking coffee/lattes, diet-soda, sometimes Excedrin Migraine; and yes I'm a little sick today, from caffeine withdrawal, after day 4 of quitting. Withdrawal sickness supposedly lasts 2-9days. (hopefully)

I am not saying that the Caffeine was breaking me out per se, but it definitely was not helping. I started drinking Spearmint Tea a week before I stopped drinking the Java, and didn't see the significant results I am seeing now. The Tea did make me noticeably less oily, and my recent breakout was tapering off a little bit.

Quick note on the Spearmint Tea intake:

BTW, I am a female that is not on BC. I'm unsure how Spearmint Tea will affect males. Spearmint is one of the bigger anti-androgenic herbs. Vitex/chasteberry is also another commonly known supplement to moderate hormone levels in women.

Has anyone else seen a connection to their acne and daily caffeine intake?

Just to make it clear, I'm not saying this is an answer to everyone's acne, just mine.

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spearmint tea seems to be helping my acne also. I break open the dry tea bag, put the tea into an empty capsule ( I buy at whole foods) and take it in a capsule form if I don't have time to drink the tea.

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