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I have some red marks on my face that have been there for almost three years now. And the red marks I get from new acne usually take a really long time to go away. Is it possible that some of these are scars? I thought scars were actual indentions, there are no indentions on my face, just marks =/

Will these ever go away, if so, why are some of them taking sooooo long???

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Guest missyjean130

They say if it lasts more than a few months than it's a scar,but I say that's bull. I've had red marks lasting more than a year and they eventually faded.

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Seems to me like RED marks fade eventually, whether that's months or years.

but if it turns darker like brown or a sort of purplish deep red, it may not go away on it's own.

that's just how it's been for me

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I'm also an asian half breed, not that it makes much difference lol but I just noticed yours said korean half breed. Anyway, I have redmarks t hat lasted around 3 years and are still going to away SLOWLY. I think they do eventually go away but some people have to suffer longer.I have been using Kojic acid I got from eBay, it's not a huge difference, but I'm using that and Neutrogena anti wrinkle anti blemish cream, it has retinol, so I think the combo of that and with time, it starts to heal.

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