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I've had "severe" acne for well over 6 months now. It doesn't seem to be going away. I've tried tons of different over the counter cleansers (Proactiv, AcneFree, etc) and I've also tried prescription oral drugs that didn't seem to work either. I need help in clearing up my skin. Do you guys have any pointers or ideas that could help me get my normal skin back? I have always had back acne on my back but now it's also on my face. Is there a way to treat both?


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Niacin has helped me but looking at your picture, your acne is not like mine. I get red lumps.

I would recommend the regimen on this site.

I also think it's good to keep a spreadsheet of your entire diet, including drinks and a separate sheet for all the medication/treatments you have used.

Try to keep records of when your skin was better and match it to what you was doing.

I think there is a log you can keep on this site.

Also, you can remove something from your diet for a Month and see if it helps. For example, if you stop eating dairy products or processed meat and record the results.

It's hard when your young but alcohol can really irritate acne.

If you have to drink find one that affects you less.

Best of luck

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That is nowhere near severe! Have you tried the acne.org regimen? I think that may help you... And if your bacne is severe enough I'd look into accutane.

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