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What do you define as muscle weakness? (Accutane related please read)

I just read a past post in this accutane forum, and I read that if muscle weakness is expierenced while on accutane, this could be an indication of tendon damage, tbh I was feeling a bit weak in both arms while reading it so I started to worry because I'm on accutane, but I have always felt a little bit weak in both arms anyway, before taking accutane.

My question is what would you define as weakness?, is it the ability to not be able to pick up things?, or just simply feeling weak. I don't notice this weakness, It only happens when I think about it.

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There's a distinct difference in feeling weak all over from say lack of sleep, no exercise with strength training, and/or poor nutrition vs. actual muscle weakness which is usually localized, but not always.

You're right. Muscle weakness is when you're physically unable to perform a normal task without excess exertion. In other words, if you're not used to lifting items heavier than usual, it's normal to feel weak, but if you're having trouble lifting items you're quite accustomed to (like a bag of sugar or lifting yourself out of a chair) then that's a red flag. But I'm not a nurse. There are quite a few nurses on this board that could probably explain it in greater detail. From what I understand, there are several potential culprits to muscle weakness. Do a search and you'll see what I mean. It can be a little overwhelming.

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Anytime you are experiencing something out of the ordinary for you, call your doctor's office. The staff will often be able to answer your question or have the doctor call you back.

If you have always felt weak in your arms, perhaps the Accutane is exacerbating this.

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