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5 a day + water?

Hey, I was just wondering does he 5 a day and actual 2 litres of water a day help? For weeks I've been eating 2 satsuma a day and a banana a day as well as a fruit yoghurt so I'm almmost there whe the fruit and I drink plenty of water. I was sneering thouh, does tuis actually help clear up he skin whilst on he regimen?

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Are you Japanese? Never heard of a satsuma (googled it though)

Man... eating two oranges, a banana and some sugary fruit yogurt is hardly going to send your health leaps and bounds. You should be eating many more servings of a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. And its also about what you are not eating. You can't eat a bunch of crapola and then a little fruit/veg on top of that and call it good. Fruits and veggies need to replace other foods and become a staple of your diet. And yes truly eating healthfully will help your health and hopefully your acne.

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This is something that my uncles father came up with over 65 + years ago. He was a Doctor in India and many of his patients came to him with skin issues. He knew that most of these patients could not afford most medications. I am not sure what the history of this is and how he came up with this. It is mixing two things together that most of us have in our homes. Fill half of a glass with Milk (Trim is better) and fill the rest of it with Soda water. At first you may think its gross but you do get use to drinking it. My acne/spots started in my teen years and to this day (now in my 30's) I still get it. I drink this everyday and it has done wonders for my skin (an not only on my face)! I have clear skin that is even-toned (which is quite hard to get - especially if you have olive toned skin). I hope that this helps.

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