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I need help..

Well let me start from the begining..My sister and i were in a fight because she claims that i got her shirts dirty (Which i didnt) So to get me back she dumped all my SFC Lotion cleansers that came with the duac topical gel down the fckn sink. And I swear that is the ONLY cleanser that doesnt dry out my face or make it breakout.

So we (me and my mom) Called walgreens to see if we could get it refilled but they said that medicaid wont pay for another bottle for another week or so..

So im am now stuck here with makeup still on my face because i have NOTHING to take it off with and stressed out and crying.

I NEED to know if any of you know other any other gentle soap free non-drying cleansers that I can use for a week or so..

Now let me just tell you i am TERRIFIED of using something new..Like Over The Counter new...Thats why i am soooooooo FCKN STRESSED OUT!


So please If you can help me I would love it..

My sister doesnt have this curse and NO ONE else in my family does so im stuck All Alone with just you guys to help me..

So Please help me!

Below Is the SFC Lotion standing Next to the Duac.

Here are the Ingredients.

INGREDIENTS: Water, PEG-75, Stearyl Alcohol, Sodium cocoyl isethionate, methylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben


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go grab cetaphil gentle cleanser... My mom's derm said it's almost as gentle as pure water.

A couple of questions..

1. Does it dry out your skin?

2.Does it moisturize?

3.Do you think it will make me breakout By switching to it while still using the Duac Topical Gel?

4.Is It fragrance free and Hypo allergenic?

5. And finally do you use it?

And If so how has it worked for you so far?

I am sorry I am asking a lot of questions but i really want to know what i am using will not break me out..

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try to calm down. that stress might hurt you more then the cleanser. :( sorry for the crazy events, hopefully you'll come out alright... but i know that when i freak out like that i will break out because off the stress.

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use the purpose cleanser. It never makes me break out, and it is as gentle as water. My derm always tells me to use it when I run out of my primary cleanser. It doesn't dry out skin either. Probably the greatest cleanser! hahaha. I am almost positive it wont make you break out, simply because I have very sensitive skin, and I always switch to it when I run out of my other cleanser. I have used it for the last few months and love it. Just a far warning, everytime i use a Cetaphil product, I breakout. There have been rumors that their facewash and moisturizer have comedogenic ingredients in them. Even my derm claims that their moisturizer will make your skin extremely oily, and in most cases, break out. hope it helps!

Purpose face wash is available literally everywhere.

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Another vote for Cetaphil Gentle. I'm extremely clog prone, and it doesn't break me out. It's the gentlest cleanser ever. Here's the ingredients list; it sounds similar to your cleanser:

Water, Cetyl Alcohol, Propylene Glycol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Stearyl Alcohol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben

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Purpose cleanser, soap free, fragrance free, lathers really well and takes off make-up well too ! Unless you're wearing really tough stuff like estee lauder double wear. I'm not sure if you have tried make-up removers, but MAC Cleansing Oil is an awesome make-up remover. Just massage the oil on your face, and once it combines with water it turns into a lather of some sort. I use the MAC cleansing oil and purpose to make sure all the make-up is off.

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