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can aha cause blackheads and wrinkles?

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Ok so I used an AHA on my chest and suddenly a few days/maybe a week later I got this wierd ring around my collar that has stayed there. Its deep and wont go away. I also got blackheads on my collar and Ive never had them there before. Is this due to the AHA? WIll I react to all AHA's this way or could it just be that product? I was using the Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Lotion that dan suggested. I want to use AHA instead of BP because BP dyes my clothing but Im scared it will do more harm...

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i dont think it causes wrinkles... it's actually supposed to help with wrinkles

and as far as blackheads, im not sure about that, but it could be bringing them to the surface because it's exfoliating them.

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the weird thing is that I never had any there before, and since then they have diminished. Could it have been too drying for my skin and thats why it created a wrinkle? I have no idea!

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AHA does not cause blackheads. It actually helps along with wrinkles as well. It stops your skin from aging so much, but as they say it, less wrinkles now, more wrinkles tomorrow.

Eventually you get old, it'll hit you then.

If you want to get rid of those blackheads, i suggest you go for Beta Hydoxy Acid. it is known to get rid of blackheads and blemishes.

I recommend the 2% liquid since the Gel takes forever to absorb.(and i mean it! takes like 20 mins!+)

Anyhow, BHA differs from AHA because not only does it exfoliate the outside layers of the skin in which AHA does, but it is strong enough to penetrate into in pores and exfoliate there as well. Soon the pores become smaller and cleaner thus making less breakouts happen and limited sebum production.

www.paulaschoice.com it's under skin > Exfoliant if you'd like to try.

I currently use the 2% liquid on my nose, chin, and half of my cheeks. Wherever the pores seem dark is where you want to use it on.

Good luck, there shouldn't be any breakouts involved.

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