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A question about diet, fasting and possibly BCP

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My skin was pretty clear for a few months - about 1-3 small zits a month. This was when I was eating a normal diet. I've never eaten terribly unhealthy, but when I was clear, I was still eating whole grain breads, oatmeal even whole grain pasta and I was fine. I'm also on BCP, which has really gotten rid of those painful hormonal cysts I used to get. However, Planned Parenthood gave me some pills that expired in April. Upon returning them for fresh ones, the woman told me it was okay to use a pack that expired in April, during the month of April. So I did, and my skin very quickly took a turn for the worse. When I initially started the BCP, it took my skin 3 months to adjust to it - in the first two months, my skin was nuts, but slowly cleared in the third and became fairly clear afterward. Not sure if that'd be the cause or not, but I figured it might be important to consider.

I went on a diet craze. I cut out about 99% of all carbs, sugar and dairy (which wasn't too hard considering I hate milk) . I went days of just eating things like cucumbers, carrots, salads, olives, plain turkey and stuff like that. No real improvement. I also did an experiment, where I basically binged on dairy, sugar and bread. It did make my skin slightly worse, but not that much more noticeably than when I ate healthily. Since then, I've been going back and forth between eating an "acne free" diet to eating a normal diet. I've been inconsistent, which I'm sure isn't helping. Either way, I can't figure out if my diet is causing it or not? Maybe I'm allergic to something? I was just wondering if anybody knew anything about fasting? If I went on sort of a fast, drinking water and perhaps some spearmint tea (because it's just so darn good) along with an apple occasionally, for a couple of days, would this help me to identify as to whether the culprit of my acne is totally diet related? And would reintroducing foods to see how I react help me identify whether or not I have some sort of allergy??

Also, could it be my skin readjusting to fully potent BCPs again, considering I'm not sure how good the ones I took in April were?

Any help is appreciated!

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From reading your story I would say it is the BCP!

Also I think that going on an extreme diet like that cutting everything out and then binging on certain foods is very unhealthy and when you are testing for certain food allergies you should do it in stages not all at once.

Keep eating a normal well balanced diet with nuts and seeds,vegetables,whole grains,protein and good fats like EVOO.

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Changing diet basically did nothing for me either, but I still choose to eat more healthily than I used to. I recently took a 24 hour water fast because I just wanted to see if this was hopefully going to get rid of my acne. It was hard for me as it was my first time and I eat a lot, so I stopped at those 24 hours and plan on going longer next time. Definitely give it a try and observe your skin (if you're not a bad picker!).

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