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ZAPZYT Acne Wash with Soothing Aloe & Chamomile

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I was wondering if anyone has tried this and has gotten good results from it. (Using this and following the acne.org regime)

This friday i'm getting facewash and i'm trying to figure out which product i'm going to buy.

i don't have the money for acne.org's facewash. (i have no job at the moment)

and i need facewash...well, NOW.

My acne has completely ruined my self esteem, and i really hope this regime+ an acne clearing face wash will do the trick.

Thank you in advance!

If you do not recommend zapzyt, please give me input on other CHEAP face washes i can get from walmart!

PS- I might not be following the regime FULL on right now, as i cannot afford a new BP gel. i'm stuck with 10% which i will use sparingly cuz my face is dry ~_~

I'm mostly just curious if zapzyt works or not.

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I also want to know if anyone uses or has tried baking soda at any point in their regime?

I'm very interested in this.

thanks again ('-'*)

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For The Regimen, you'll want a gentle, non-medicated cleanser, a 2.5% BP (please try to get one as soon as possible), and a gentle, non-comedogenic moisturizer.

Recommended (and widely available) cleansers/BPs/moisturizers can all be found here.

As for using 10% BP and/or baking soda, these are from the FAQs:

Q: I can't get a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. Can I use a higher concentration?

A: 2.5% is best. However, anything up to 5% should most likely be fine, albeit more drying and no more effective. Avoid 10% preparations which will over dry. One exception when dealing with pimples on the back. The skin in this area is tough and may withstand 10% nicely. If you can find a 10% much cheaper, you may want to try it on the back. It will not be more effective than a 2.5% solution, but may save you money.

So why not simply use less of a 10% solution? Through trial and error I have found this does not work. I do not know exactly why using more of a 2.5% solution works better. My guess would be that when you use more of the product, there is more available to be absorbed into the skin.

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Well, if/when i DO start the regime, i won't add in new steps or products.

but for now, I don't really have a good enough schedule to really fully stick to the regime.

Has anyone tried baking soda for their acne at all... like.. OUT of a regime?

or the zapzyt wash for that matter?

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I know there have been threads and posts about baking soda. If you look on the upper-ish right side of the screen, there's a magnifying glass icon that says "Search boards". You can use that to do a search for 'baking soda' or anything else. ; )

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