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disgusting pores

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My pores are so clogged I spend hours picking out clogged sebum balls with a tweezer. Is it an over production of oil becoming lodged in them. Every day they fill back up and they are hard. I have very sens. skin and dont know how to treat and what to wash with. I've used sal. acid, differin, finacea and nothing seems to help that area. Any advise?

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Maybe you're taking the wrong approach to the problem. I had skin just like that and i kept putting on so much medicine and using all the medicated washes, toners moisturizers i could lay my hands on. Finally my skin had a breaking point and i was forced to use a gentle non-medicated soap free cleanser, and an oil-free moisturizer. My mom took away my acne medication and "rationed" it to me so that i wouldn't put on so much. after a couple weeks of this, my face started to clear up big time.

i realized that by putting all that stuff on, i was drying my face out big time, so it started producing more oil. this causes, you guessed it! breakouts!

try using a gentle, non-medicated cleanser and a moisture balancing toner/moisturizer. use a PEA SIZED amount of your acne medication (tip for getting a pea sized amount to spread on your whole face: apply when your face is a little wet, it'll spread very evenly and easily all over)

less really is more. also, the less you put on, the slower your face will become immune to the medication so the longer it will work!

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Thanks. It seems when I use a gentle cleanser it still doesnt allevitate the problem. I'm not using too many products right now so I'm a little unsure how to proceed. I just received Paulas Choice 1%BHA lotion in the mail and hear good things about it so I'm going to give it a try. I thought the same thing about my skin that you mentioned... that it was really dry and in trying to produce more oil my skin was becoming clogged. Funny thing is when I moisturize with a oil free moisturizer it becomes even more clogged. Im at a loss. I'm researching what supplements help slow oil production(besides B5 as it upsets the stomach).

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