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Forehead acne: please help!

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Hi, I have recently (in the past month or so) started getting more pimples on my forehead. I was using a tea tree oil wash for awhile before I started getting them. In the past couple of weeks I have switched to some salicylic acid wipes (Spectro AcneCare), but I get the feeling they might not work with this type of acne.

I haven't been on BP for quite a long time, but will go back if that is what is recommended to clear these up. I am pretty much acne free everywhere else now except for my forehead which for some unknown reason has been breaking out lately.

I have attached a picture of my forehead, the white ones on the right are mostly what I'm worried about (other large red spots like those on the left are just pustules that no longer have any pus).




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If it's just localized to your forehead, you might could just get away with just a spot treatment. I would recommend some AHA, either Dan's or the Alpha Hydrox brand. Dab some of that on your active marks before you go to bed at night and that might do the trick.

Oh, and stay away from tea tree oil...

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Yeah, I found that tea tree oil aggrivated my acne. I Would suggest you use BP again, I used to have exactely the same as you except maybe more, and by using BP every night I get maybe 1 new spot per week max.

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