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David Brockwell

Big Red Spots On Arms & Neck

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Hi I'm David 25 from the UK i'm new to the forum.

On Thursday i was out in the sun and for some reason it brings me out in spots in winter i hardly get any. I used to have acne when i was a teen but i don't know if this is linked or anything i don't get huge outbreaks anymore just the odd spot but when they come out they are big most of the time and hard to get rid of. I noticed 2 spots on my arms and one on my neck they were getting bigger and bigger even when i used Clearasil Deep Pore Treatment. Saturday i got so fed up of seeing them i felt myself getting depressed with it so bad that i started to pick them, i know what a misstake! now being Sunday i have black like scabs on them and they are very red all around them. My arms and neck looks in a bad state i can't go out looking like this i am wearing a shirt in the summer to cover up my arms and i hate having to do this all the time. I am getting fed up of getting spots now i might have to go to the doctor and see what he says because its making me feel ill worrying about it all the time. Even if i don't pick them they come up big my arms is where i get them the most i keep clean and never use normal soap i use the liquid form i am also into fitness i keep very fit. Have done lots of looking into how to prevent them from coming up and stuff but no luck.

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Hi Dave. About time we had some sun, hey! ;)

Your spots sound like they could be more like hives. Is something which you have investigated already?

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