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hello there!

im kinda new to the regimen [2 months and a half]

i have notice that these past few days. the area around my eyes is so dry and irritated!

it burns!

i tried putting jojoba oil.. but it burn even more..

the only thing that is kinda helping is applying ice.

i dont know what to do.

should i buy an eye cream? im only 16.

wld it clash with the whole regimen thingy?

i look like i havent slept too! haha :confused:

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Hmm...could be a reaction to a product you're using around your eyes.

I'd recommend using some Aquaphor. That stuff is really good and can help relieve dryness.

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I had the same thing happen to me when I tryed using BP, but then again I also ended up being allergic to it. Basically what happens is when you apply bp, even anywhere next to your eyes, and then lets say you put on mousturizer, the BP actually gets carried over to your eye area, hence the dryness. If I were you I would be very careful not to apply BP anywhere close to your eye area, and it will heal itself. I quit BP all together because I had a pretty bad allergic reaction and the skin around my eyes went back to normal in 2 days or so...Bottom line is, just be more careful when you apply BP plus mousturier over it and your skin around eyes will go back to normal in a few days

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