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Something has been working for me

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Hi guys.

I've had severe blackheads for as long as I can remember and could never get rid of them and have tried alot of things. probably due to my severe oily skin which is as oily as humanly possible. I also started getting moderate to severe acne which is why I went on accutane for 9months last year. However my acne did come back eventually but was only averaging one pimple a fortnight which isnt too bad. Oily skin came back and the blackheads were still around.

I experiment alot throughout years by reading this site amongst other things and have learnt some things that helped alot, have kept me clear:

- I use only cetaphil cleanser in the morning and a Body Shop seaweed exfoiliater (great for blackheads) at night followed by lemon juice - the lemon juice is the key, its fantastic and has kept me clear - I also moisturise with cetaphil with a little bit of water - my advice is to keep things simple, use less products as you can and keep them natural - I used to use all sorts of stuff and they just made me breakout more

- Keep sex/masturbation to a minimum, I reduce this to once every a few days and it actually stopped me from breaking out! it sounds silly but it worked for me no joke - must be something to do with zinc in semen

- Take your Zinc - doesn't have to be much

- Do not touch your face - Do not sleep on your face - Change your pillow sheets frequently

I know this sounds obvious and has been mentioned alot but I vouch for everything said above, they may sound trivial because I have been looking for miracle solution just like everyone else but those things have helped me unexpectly and I was cursed with some very bad skin.

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