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Sugar and Foods with a High Glycemic Index Cause WRINKLES?!

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Yep. Highly inflammatory which ages you in so many ways besides wrinkles. Diabetes, heart disease, hair loss, etc. It reduces the elasticity in cells. All cells, not just skin. You need to avoid habits that cause blood sugar spikes if you want to not be decrepit in your old age.

It also messes up your hormone balance and leads to acne, hirsutism and worsens PMS and menopause. I cleared my skin by eliminating sugary drinks and switching to moderately low Glycemic Load meal/snack habits. This is after tons of prescription meds including accutane never helped at all.

Insulin stimulates androgen production which stimulates sebum causing oily skin. It also stimulates IGF-1 production which is what causes sebum and skin cells to be sticky and not exfoliate properly clogging pores. IGF-1 is also in diary.

Other things that are inflammatory are hydrogenated/trans fats which means margarine and crisco, which means avoiding/limiting most commercial baked goods. And fried foods unless cooked in a oil stable at high heat like coconut or palm oil, which is rare. And polyunsaturated oils from plants high in omega 6 fatty acids most of which are inflammatory. Omega 6 is essential, but there's way too much of it in our diets from grains, animals fed on grains, and oils from grain.

Counter flammatory foods with anti-inflammatory foods which means fruits, vegetables, teas, herbs and spices, and fish. Anything that's an anti-oxident is anti-inflammatory.

It's not just diet though. Other lifestyle habits like sleep and exercise are important as well. What you want is an Anti-inflammatory, nutrient dense, blood sugar stabilizing diet and lifestyle. See the Good Things link in my signature for more information.

Oh, and the author of that article, Dr. Bauman, a normal, mainstream, non-holistic dermatologist, recommends a low GL diet for acne. It's in the Skin Type Solution book named in the article. And see, it's here in this article. Dumbed down, but you can get more specific info in my Good Things thread.

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