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Yay! Another accutane log.

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Hi everyone, my names Jarrod and im currently on day 33 of Amnesteem ( isotretinoin)40mg per day. Yes i know im a bit late with the log, but hell, better now then never and its still early. So i guess ill tell you a bit about myself.

I started getting acne around 13 i think? Cant remember exactly but ive had it now for about 3-4 years. Ive pretty much tried everything over-the-counter and prescription wise.


-Clearasil pads


-Solodyn (minocycline)

-Atralin (tretinoin)




-Diets and soo much other crap

Bottom Line:Nothing has worked for a good while. The best so far had been the combination of benzaclin,tazorac and doryx which only cleared me up for about 2 months and then my body i guess got immune to all of it and i started breaking out again badly. who knows.

So now ever since those 3 medications stopped working ^ ive brokeout the worst ive ever been in my life. For the whole last semester of my sophomore year that is, its been unbelievably bad.I dont have any cysts or nodules though so thats good.

So here i am now on Accutane day 33 and so far a little bit good results. Alot of whiteheads and zits have gone away but they did leave behind the pesky red marks. But i still have alot more active whiteheads and papules/pustules to go.

Heres me before my horrible breakouts first semester.


Man i miss that. :(

I dont have any pictures before accutane, but i do have pictures of me on day 7 of accutane. Which is about the same, since no changes had happpened yet i dont think.

Day 7

Left -post-104599-1246618698_thumb.jpg

Right -post-104599-1246618736_thumb.jpg

Forehead - post-104599-1246618751_thumb.jpg

Now heres me currently at Day 33 Not sure why my skin looks so red,must be my camera.

Left - post-104599-1246618932_thumb.jpg

Right - post-104599-1246618946_thumb.jpg

Forehead -

Front - post-104599-1246618979_thumb.jpg

I cant wait for this accutane to clear me up soon....im so exicited as my acne has held me back from alot of things.

Thanks in advance :)








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Hey dude, best of luck for your course..... tane should hopefully clear you up good and proper! ;)

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Thanks ace guy! I hope it does too, and soon!

Ill post new pictures in about a week or so.I can almost post my regimen if someone wants to know.

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Hey Jerrod!

Your face has already made progress! Just make sure your drinking lots and lots of water and wearing sunscreen... both are really helpful. I also take flaxseed oil and I'm pretty sure it's help to cut back on my redness. I've tried pretty much everything that you've tried and I can totally relate to how frustrating it can be to try product after product and see no results.

Keep your head up! I'm sure that everything is going to be fine in a little bit.

Good luck! (:

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Hey loveske, thanks for the support too.

I do drink lots and lots of water...almost too much it seems sometimes. My moisturizer has SPF 15 on it so thats taken care of.

Im also taking fish oil,zinc and vitamin e.

My only side-effects are chapped lips which i use Aquaphor on and it works really good.Sometimes i get dry eyes but it dont bother. And i do tend to sleep alot more too.

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