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NEED HELP! on Your opinion!

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Hey Guys/Girls...i need your opinion on this?

These are the products i'm currently using:

1. Purifying Neem Face Wash Gel-http://www.himalayadirect.com/shopexd.asp?id=53

2. OXY Cover (10% benzoyl peroxide)-http://www.shop222.com/oxycover.html

3.CLEAN & EASY Soothing Gel 16 oz.Aloe Vera Gel-http://www.purespadirect.com/CLEAN-EASY-Soothe-Gel-16-oz-p/vu-202269.htm

This product has been doing great..but i was wondering if i would like to change products.

This are my questions.

1. I would like to follow the Regimen and i cant buy stuff online..which is a problem and in my country not all products are available..but neutrogena brand is available just like what u recommend the item needed for The Regimen.*oh yeah im from Singapore*

2. Should i buy all the neutrogena item that is recommended ?like the

-Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser 6.7 fl oz (200 ml)

-Moisturizer which one should i buy? any kind? but neutrogena brand?

3. Hey guys i have dis pimple on my nose*sob* its painful just by touching it..its like the 2nd time i get..last time i peel it off..now leave me with marks..what should i do?its quite big..*sob sob*

4. OXY Cover (10% benzoyl peroxide) is great? but is it possible that i can use them for the Regimen?

5. How do i use my Oxy cover? and then moisturize it?

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If your cleanser is gentle and non-medicated and it works for you, you can continue using it. If you'd like to switch, though, try to find something from the list of recommended products.

And 10% BP is too much. You'll want to find a 2.5% BP, or, at the very highest, 5%.

From the FAQs:

Q: I can't get a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. Can I use a higher concentration?

A: 2.5% is best. However, anything up to 5% should most likely be fine, albeit more drying and no more effective. Avoid 10% preparations which will over dry. One exception when dealing with pimples on the back. The skin in this area is tough and may withstand 10% nicely. If you can find a 10% much cheaper, you may want to try it on the back. It will not be more effective than a 2.5% solution, but may save you money.

So why not simply use less of a 10% solution? Through trial and error I have found this does not work. I do not know exactly why using more of a 2.5% solution works better. My guess would be that when you use more of the product, there is more available to be absorbed into the skin.

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