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SmoothBeam Laser, If you have gotten/ Are knowledgeable--I have a few questions-

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I have read a few posts about smoothbeam and have seen some positive results about it on the boards here.

I was wondering what the difference between smoothbeam and fraxel are? Second, is smoothbeam invasive? Do most dermatologists do it? Is it for shallow/hyperpigmentation/pore refining, or is it for scars -icepick, rolling, box, etc. as well?

Has anyone done it on a deeper rolling/depressed scar? what prices did you pay? How satisfied were you?

It seems to me like smoothbeam doesn't have a lot of downtime (a couple hours of redness) so it seems like it may just be a good option. Especially if you can find treatments for 100-400 per sesion like I had read on here.

So, I would appreciate if you can post info, links and impressions on your experience with smoothbeam.

Thank You.

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hi knicks,

i did smoothbeam a few years ago. it's non invasive. i didn't do fraxel, so i can't tell you much about that, but i'm pretty sure it's more harsh than smoothbeam.

anyway, i did 5 of them. paid something like $340 for each one. i'm sorry but i can't remember: i either did it once a week or once a month (it was a long time ago).

anyway, it should be pretty easy to find a dermatologist who can do it for you.

i got maybe 10% improvement w/ my 5 smoothbeams. was i satisfied? no. not compared to the nice before/after pictures that i saw on the internet. i have rolling/boxcar scarring. as for severity, one doctor told me my scars are shallow, while 2 doctors told me it's moderate.

i'd say it's not really an answer for acne scarring. i don't have ice picks, but i doubt it'll do much for ice pick scarring. if anything, it's probably better for hyperpigmentation than for scarring.

downtime is minimal. red for a couple hours, but not all over. you just have little red splotches here and there, which go away pretty soon. kinda looks like you were attacked by a few mosquitos. they numb your face and it feels like they're snapping a rubber band on your face. pretty quick procedure. maybe an hour, including the numbing process.

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I had smoothbeam done on one particular scar (candela VBEAM) and I wasn't too impressed with the results initially. At first the area was purple and then a scab formed, which later turned into a minimal scar. Now I can barely notice it, so it might be an option for shallower depressions.

anyone else?

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