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DAY 5:So I woke up today for work late of course haha. But, anyway, being anxious as ever the first thing that I did was rush to the mirror to see what was up. Luckily no new additions to my face! So psyched, and the acne that was breaking out pretty bad has cleared up nicely! I am praying that, that was my initial break out because I do not think I can deal with it getting any worse than that. I was really hesitant to even go out to the mall yesterday because of how bad it was. I still am not showing the super dry skin or lip symptoms yet, so hopefully I can dodge that for a while longer. I am really optimisitic that the accutane is going to clear up my skin quickly because the amount of acne I had is already going down. Well, now I just have to deal with the next 9 hours at work, my face is feeling nice and soft and smooth and I hope this lasts! WOO WOO!

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I just started using Accutane today! I've taken just one pill so far... and I'm drinking lots and lots of water. I have little to no support as most people I know don't want me to use it because of the side effects... I am looking forward to clean skin.

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good to hear!

i wish i could tell you more things to look for or do, but this is only my first week being on accutane. But drink lots of water for sure! I would also reccommend taking some vitamin e pills maybe 2 400iu's a day but that's just me. Good luck with everything!

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