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Regimen and diet

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Hi all.

In the last 2 months I made major changes in my diet. Now I'm to skinny, and I can't continue like this. I decided to come back at my habits to regain some weight. Does anyone got results with only regimen and no diet changes?

PS: I'll still not eat dairy.

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I tried to eat only fruits and vegetables, no bread, almost no refined sugar, no beef, no diary,almost no potatoes(It's one of my favorite foods)

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You need to add fat and protein sources. Drizzle some olive oil on your veggies. And add back in some animal fat if you eat it. Otherwise, there's nuts and avocados.

Has your diet improved your skin? One thing about adding things back in are that you could have an intolerance to them, so since you've already managed to maintain such a restrictive diet, you ought to keep it up and add in foods in a controlled way so you can watch for reactions.

Here's a list of hypo-allergenic foods to start with:


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Whenever I eat something I make the pulse-test(to see if I'm allergic to that food). I think you know this test.

Thanks for help!

[EDIT]:One more question. Are the vegetable oils(olive oil, sunflower oil etc) so bad for your skin? I read the "Mr X Acne Says" ebook and he claims that those are the worse. I think that it increase your insulin resistance or something.

I need some opinion for this.

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