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Pimple Hater

Think my bf's nose is breaking me out on my cheek :(

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So in the past months, I've gotten mostly (miraculously) acne free using the regimen. Unfortunately, I've recently been breaking out just on the left side of my face. It's always the cheek area next to my nose.

About four weeks ago I got one really big cyst and a few smaller whiteheads in the area. I thought it was just stress from finals combined with the monthly hormonal fluctuation, plus maybe a pillowcase that needed to be changed. Then about two weeks ago I got really, really sick and couldn't see my boyfriend for almost a week. My skin looked fantastic by the end of that week! Glowy, acne-free - I thought it was all the rest I was getting and all the sweat I was making (you know, breaking a fever), something to do with the humidity (the way people steam their faces, you know?).

But I've broken out again, same spot. Two cysts. Today I kissed my boyfriend and realized that his nose is pressing exactly where one of the pimples is!! And his nose could easily reach the other. We also favor one side, so his nose rarely makes it over to the right side of my face - explaining why I don't get pimples on my right cheek!

Could this be the culprit? He doesn't use stuff on his face as far as I know, but he does have a big nose and it presses into my face quite a lot when we make out. He has the clearest skin (that I'm jealous of). He usually shaves right before I come over, though he does sometimes let it grow for a few days because I like how it looks. I don't think the stubble quite reaches that area, though. He's also very clean and is often just getting out of the shower when I come over. Sorry this is all a bit explicit, and I realize this is pretty funny. But help! I need help!

I hate experiencing totally clear, beautiful skin and feeling really fantastic one week - and then feeling terribly self-conscious about the inflamed cysts on my face the next.

Tried icing it, and I think it's made it worse. Usually my cysts calm down by day two (though they're still there), but this time they remain swollen. UGH I am so close to trying to pop them!

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