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hello everyone.

I am a 15 year old female, very active in soccer. I have a dermatology appt. on the 15th to get blood drawn so I can finally get rid of acne forever!

I've had acne since about 6th grade but then it was just the occasional pimple and a little bit of oily skin. 7th grade wasn't too bad, I mostly broke out on my chin and forehead, also some blackheads on my nose. 8th grade got pretty bad. I was using St. Ives apricot scrub Which really irritated and reddened my sensitive skin. summer after 8th grade I was in heaven. I had one or two pimples at a time but it as very managable. what initially reddened my skin was murad, a 60$ treatment I bought at ulta. to heal the red skin I tried the murad spray toner which worked really well and made my skin so soft. 9th grade it got even worse. I was put on minocycline 100mg x2 a day. I had small pimples all over my forhead that never seemed to go away, and all over my chin and nose. I tried to use makeup but that just made it worse. minocyclene kicked in around November , partly because the cold weather and the drying affect of minocyclene. that worked for a while, along with Clinique acne 3 step treatment which I reccomend. sometime I would forget to order the prescription and started breakingout on my chest and sometimes on my neck. I have been using the clinique facewash and sometimes the moisturizer but I've found it a bit greasy so I only use it when I have to. I've also recently began using Lush products that you can buy at Macy's. before bed I wash my face and use the Cupcake face mask which smells awesomely like chocolate and really calms breakouts. after that I use Grease Lightning spot treatment. this works amazing!!!! I highly reccomend both. before I put on makeup in the morning I use this too.

so after waiting a month for bloodwork, I should get my prescription around august 15th.

3 days after school starts :(

but I should have clear skin by Christmas! what a great gift!

~stay tuned for my journey, as these blogs have really helped me with my decision to take accutane!

clear skin for all!

xoxo abby

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