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hey everyone!

i started taking accutane May 11, 2009--so i am currently a little more than half way done with my second month (i will see the derm July 11 to start my 3rd month)

as soon as i started accutane, everything started to clear up right away...it was pretty shocking how fast it worked. up until the past week and a half or so, i have been constantly breaking out. i haven't been doing anything different, so im kind of discouraged as to why this is happening now!

if this has happened to anyone, or if anyone knows why this is happening, i would really appreciate some feedback!!

thanks so much

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Hi Lauren,

I'm not on accutane, so I can't help you there. But I thought I would just let you know about the accutane forum in the message boards. You may find better results there to help you out - as I have read about others using accutane that have endured breakouts through their treatment. Best of luck, and don't get discouraged ;)

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The first thing I wonder is whether your dosage was changed. A lot of people have a small breakout when their dosage is increased.

If your dosage stayed the same, I still wouldn't worry. I just finished 1 month of accutane and saw my derm today. He said not to expect TOO much improvement in month 2. He said the most improvement will likely happen in months 3 and 4.

I have even read posts from people who finished accutane and were still breaking out, but their breakouts cleared up afterwards. There's hope. :)

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