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I don't post normally, I just read and get informed, but there is something that has been bothering me....I started breaking out regularly (1-3 everyday) back in feb. of this year, ever since it has been daily, whereas before it was somewhat spread out.

These are tiny red bumps which sometimes become med-size and sometimes vanish the next day. They don't really hurt, they mostly itch when they come to the surface, then my face feels normal again until they reappear.

I have been using paula's chopice bha liquid at night and mandelic acid in the morning for 2-3 weeks now in hopes these were blocked pores that needed to be cleaned out, but to date, they won't budge, everyday there is a new one.

Is this a specific sort of acne? How can I manage to skip a day or two (a small vacation from these things)?

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This was my problem. Everyday there would be new little bumps. No big ones just small. I am about 95% free from them after a few months of a few things that helps. If you want to follow what I did im sure it will stop your breakouts.

1. Start the acne.org regimen with a gentle cleaner, some bp, and moisturizer.

2. I also use an Apple cider vinegar toner and it reduced them well.

3. Most of all, after some time on the regimen I started using AHA as a moisturizer.

This did it, and totally stoped them fast. I just used Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion (search for the reviews) but i will soon start acne.org AHA+ because it helps skin tone i hear.

I think its some form of inflamed comedonal acne. but the bp regimen, gentleness, and AHA really cured it.

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