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Accutane, Night Vision Impairment, Birth Defects, and Weight Gain?

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I took Accutane in 2003 for about 3 months I think. I noticed that after I stopped taking the drug that my night vision seemed to be significantly less than it had been before. Also, I gained quite a bit of weight as well. Has anyone else had this happen to them? Oh, and my acne is back but not as bad. As far as birth defects go, do you guys think that remnents of the drug can be stored in the fat cells of your body for years, and when you get pregnant the fat breaks down to feed the fetus, and it gets into the placenta to feed the baby? I know that they claim that it has no side effects after 1 month, but I am just wondering if anyone has had a baby years after accutane and that baby has birth defects possibly from this drug? I just found out that docycycline the antibiotic is known to the state of California to cause birth defects if taken while pregnant. Guess what guys? I took it without this knowledge back in 1999 for about a week until I found out I was pregnant. I stopped all medications because my ob/gyn said that is the safest thing and that the antibiotics I did take wouldn't have hurt the fetus, but why then must I stop? I swear these doctors know more than they let on about certain drugs. Anyway, I ended up going full term and delivering my stillborn baby boy. He died due to a birth defect, and I am betting any money it was from the drug, but 3 doctors insisted it couldn't be from such a small amount that I took. Well I am now worried because I took Accutane in 2003 that it could somehow still be in my body somewhere waiting to come back and hurt a future child that my husband and I want so badly to try again. Can anyone ease my fears?

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Accutane actually clears out of the system between quickly about a day but most would advise that to be pregnant 6 months after the course to be on the safe side. My friend who took accutane long-term recently gave birth to a healthy baby though she did stop for 6 months earlier to get pregnant and she had been on accutane maintainence dose for about a couple of years to keep her acne in check. She carried the baby full-term all the way to 38 weeks.

I do doubt that the the antibiotic is the cause of your baby being born stillborn. Many a time there are a lot of reasons why birth defects happen be it enviroment, stress or genetic, infections or it could just happen randomly. Besides you took it for a week only and if it did affect the fetus, you would have miscarriaged instead of carrying it to full-term and giving birth. This is because the first trimester of pregnancy is the most vulnerable.

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As for the night vision, yes, it's possible Accutane played a part in that. It's a notorious side effect and for some it does not get better after stopping. My night vision was pretty bad on the medicine and has gotten better, but it's not as good as it used to be.

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If you are taking Accutane everyday for 5months or so it does not come out of your system in 23hrs. Please read Roche information on that.


As for the pregnancy portion of it you should not get pregnant 1 month before or one month after. Some doctors suggest to wait 6months to a year.

Vision impairment is a side effect that Roche states may persisit even after Accutane is discountinued.

I will post a video regarding pregnancy and accutane when I have time... Very good video that others on here have watched by a physican.

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