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I started the regimen about a month ago and I just had a question regarding results with other people in the same boat as I. So far it seems that my skin is reacting as it should for a topical regimen like this, which brings me to my first question. My two prior treatments were retin-a and differin, both of course were unsuccessful. Now with both of those treatments the derm tells you there will be a short period of purging.. Which there was, and it was horrible both times, worst my skin has ever been. Gave both products three months and when i saw no improvement i would stop.

Now with this regimen the "purge" period is almost non-existent, which im happy about. I am very curious how with any regimen when you are doing them back to back why there would be a purge period at all though. I mean if all of these products are pushing the grime to the surface, why would it start all over when changing regimens?? May be a stupid question but it just doesn’t make sense to me, and i know the whole "having the right state of mind" thing but im a little pessimistic because topical treatments have not worked for me in the past. So I am curious if there are other DK regimen users on here who have not had good results with other topical treatments and very noticeable results with Dans.

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i used differin for a while and it didnt really work for me either...but dan's regimen is whole different thing..even if topical stuff in the past didnt work there is a very good chance the dk regimen will..ITS A WHOLE NEW WORLDD

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I tried lots of topicals too, from oxy to clean and clear to some random unnamed 'acne clearing gel'. All of them worked for a short while, then my acne got worse. Neutrogena's BP was the only thing that worked and my acne subsided. I ordered DK's BP, switched to it and almost everything has cleared up(I only have hyperpigmentation marks left). I've managed to cut it down to 1 pump of BP per day and still stay clear.

The only thing that got worse was my skin's dryness. My esthetician told me my skin is oily, so I don't really know what to think right now. After cleansing, my skin just feels so dry and papery.

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