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They Accidently Pulse Dye Lasered My PIHyperpigmentation

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Went to a dermatologist for a small red bump that formed under my eye over 2 years ago from a blemish - she said it is a broken blood vessel and that it's no problem for a pulse dye laser to do the trick and get rid of it basically completely.

Well I went to have the procedure today. For the dermatologist (different one from the previous appointment), I held a mirror and specifically pointed to the bump on my cheek under my eye as the mark.

Got home, a few hours later removed the bandage only to see that they lasered THE WRONG MARK. They lasered a post inflammatory hyperpigmentation mark that was ABOVE the broken blood vessel "target." (very close to my eye btw). This is very dissapointing... I made it clear what mark it was, and would THINK a dermatologist would be very clear on it too before LASERING it. The release form to sign covers so much that they could have chopped my arm off and goten away with it. :wall:

Anyway, I wanted to ask if anyone knows specifically if there's a chance that pulse dye lasering a post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation mark will NOT permanently scar? Because from what I've read briefly on the web it seems a little... well... I don't think that this laser is even for PIH marks? I'm not very familiar with it. (If this laser is NOT for PIH marks, wouldn't it be obvious for the dermatologist - to NOT laser that mark? :rolleyes:)

I'm just praying that this laser did not somehow not scar this area or make the hyperpigmentation worse...and instead miraculously heals it... :shifty:

I'm so bummed. Not only did they miss the spot, but I'll have to pay more to get it correctly done, and worse of all, this mistake may permanently scar!!

I'll find out more info (hopefully) from the office tomorrow... I may have to ask at webMD or something.. :doubt:

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