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Yeah, I realize I'm not the only one. I'm 34, and I still get acne like I was a teenager. The worst part is that things will seem to be improving, and then BAM! Super breakouts! And they aren't just the little, insignificant whiteheads, or some small red marks. Heck no. I'll get ones that start way down deep, never form a head, and eventually get sore. I try very hard not to touch them, and even without touching them they get nasty. I get so many conflicting ideas on how to approach it. I read things like gluten causes acne. Sugar causes acne. Exercise promotes acne. Alcohol causes acne. Caffeine causes acne. Iodine causes acne. Shaving causes acne. Seems like there's very little that isn't rumored to cause acne, and yet I see folks who eat lots of junk food, seldom exercise, are overweight, drink coffee and beer like there's no tomorrow, smoke cigarettes, and their skin looks nearly flawless! I'm rail thin, don't smoke, I usually avoid junk food, eat sensible things, bicycle regularly, drink a quart of water per day, and at my last physical the doctor said everything is A-OK, including the blood work. I guess my two vices are I do drink lots of coffee and I'll have a beer or glass of wine a few times a week.

Wish I knew for sure what really triggers the big, nasty ones. Even if I got little ones at the surface that clear up in a day or two, that would be great. Having the ones that end up being very prominent and hang around for days or weeks really stinks. Proactiv, Tetracycline and Retin-A from the dermatologist, Clearsil, ACV (cleansing and drinking), Jojoba oil, multivitamins, coconut oil, Neutrogena face wash, it seems like I've tried just about everything short of asking for Accutane, but that seems like a scary prospect. Something that causes birth defects and disqualifies you from giving blood (which I do occasionally) doesn't give me a warm fuzzy.

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Guest MarifreakinA

Honestly, caffeine, gluten, shaving, and alcohol all can cause acne. Exercising does not promote acne, in fact it is very beneficial since it relieves stress.

The caffeine might be doing it, so you might want to cut out the caffeine since it causes your sebaceous glands to overwork, but I know how hard it is to cut out caffeine.

Beer really doesn't affect acne, in fact, if you drink beer with a lot of yeast in it, like a really hard German beer, it's actually very beneficial to the skin...Just not so nice to the belly.

Since you've tried everything, I recommend trying Dan's Regime, although I haven't tried it, I hear super good things from it, and if that doesn't work then you might want to consider going on Accutane.

It's kind of iffy, yes, but with your doctors help and controlled dosages I'm sure you will be fine.

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