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Initial Breakout??

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Hey y'all,

I'm a 21 year old female with fairly persistant acne. I did a course of accutane when I was 13, and my acne was fine for a while, but has come back with a vingance. I started on accuntane in May (60 mg a day), and my dose was bumped up to 80 mg a day at the beginning of June. The 60 mg a day had started to look like it was going to clear my face nicely, but now my cheeks are breaking out so bad. Could this be initial breakout and is there any way I can make it a bit easier on myself. I swear my face looks worse than it did before the accutane, just not as oily!

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Yeah its the initial breakout and there is nothing much you can do at this stage but to let it all out. Its the sign that accutane is working so let it do its job. Maybe if your skin isn't very sensitive you can try asking your derm for some topicals to spot treat the breakouts.

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sounds like the initial breakout to me. since you are on a fairly high dose, your IB might be worse than those on a low dose... but the good news is, you have a better chance of your acne going into remission on a high dose! when i was on accutane, i noticed that my face stopped getting oily right away, but my IB lasted forever! (about 10 weeks) i was on 80 mg/day for 5 months. the best advice i can give is try not to pick your face or pop your pimples because your skin thins out and will tear and takes a long time to heal. and dont give up!! im 21 too and for the first time in 10 years, my skin is 100% clear... not even a single blackhead! i have pics posted in my gallery if you are interested. good luck!! hope you see some improvment soon!

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