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I've been using AcneFree severe for a few weeks and having ok results, but last night my face itched like whoa, Ponds for Dry Skin didn't help and when I woke up and washed my face, everything seemed ok, I used the toner (which I like) and then applied the 3% BP cream from my Redness kit mixed with a little of the 10% and hoooooooooly biscuits. Acid! Acid! I washed it off using a mild soap and STILL ARGGGGHHHHH!

So, I'm quitting that system today. (owie)

I want to give my skin a break before I put it through anymore trauma. The toner from the Redness system is an alcohol free gel with nice soothing things and witch hazel is pretty soothing (in theory, haven't touched my skin with anything yet)

I'm now leary of BP. I've been eying Dan's system butm ya know, BP. Any suggestions for 36 year old skin?

Should I just to hell with it, go AHA all the way?

bubzbeauty swears by an organic cider vinegar/green tea/sugar/honey mask, Egyptian Magic, and a cider vinegar/green tea toner

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Benzoyl peroxide is by far the most effective otc medication, and salicylic acid is a close second. My advice would be to use either Dan's system, the nuetrogena advance soultions, or the clean and clear advantage, or you can mix and max different products until you get a combination you like. I would suggest a non-medicated cleanser, a benzoyl peroxide gel, a salicylic acid toner or spot treatment (I grind up aspirin, which contain acetylsalicylic acid, another very powerful anti-inflamatory, and mix it with either the toner or make a paste like substance and apply it as a mask), and lastly a salicylic acid moisturizer. I would suggest you go with Clean and Clear Dual action, as it is the best one I'v ever used. Since you've already been using bp i don't suspect your skin is going to have much trouble with the medications i've suggested, but even so it might be smart to start with smaller amounts. I find that as long as your skin can handle it, the more different types of medications your using the better, although it is possible to be using too many. Hope this helped.

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