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g'day all.

Let me start off by saying this is the first and probably only message i will post on this site, so i'm gonna have my say and make it count. that's why it's so long. I would also like to say that i am not here to flog off any product or miracle cure anything of such. My intention here is to only share my findings to those of you who have suffered this "hell" (i can't think of a better word) for the countless years.

i have been lurking this site for the last 5 years or so. i've always used the information i've found on here, but i never registered until just now. it is because i kind of made a promise to myself that when i found my freedom i would let everyone on here know how i managed to do it. if it helps one person in a thousand who reads this, i will be happy. no one deserves to suffer this.

also while lurking this site i've seen (and ofcorse been fooled by) the fakes who were using acne.org to advertise their useless products with their cheesy "i was skeptical at first" bulls**t. to me, those who would do this, those who would blatantly cash-in on peoples suffering and provide no relief are the lowest of low. there is a special place in hell for people who would do this. i would say that no-one deserves acne, but i question that logic when i think of them.

anyway, my story. like everyone else, it started. i was about 17 when i thought "ok, enough. i am a teenager, but now school's out, i should start enjoying my life by first getting rid of this pesky problem. you'll be gone in a month's time now that i'm focusing on clearing my skin". obviously it didn't happen. i suffered the embarressment of having to ask my mum to buy me products from the supermarket. then the embarressment of having everyone at the chemist (i live in a small town) know that i have acne. it sucked because every chemist in town has beautiful girls working there and i know them all. i had to look like a leper when i went out (although it was never that bad, it was only moderate at worst. i told myself that i was a leper). i am actually a very handsome man when the f***ing things are gone, but there they were. i'd go out and feel the upmost sadness when i saw a beautiful girl who i knew i would never get to date. life sucked hard. i'm sure you all know the feeling.

i started trying hard to get rid of it with pro-active. because i saw it on tv. 6 weeks later, my skin was red and greasy. it had absolutely no effect on acne. next i tried s*** called Accuzine. a pill i saw on the internet. it worked beautifully. after 2 weeks - Kaboom. i should have had a mask like phantom of the oprah. even my skin was itchy. so i filed it under "Bin".

the following 7-8 years were supposed to be the best of my life. i can't think of worse. i tried everything. and i do mean everything:

-about 5 different ebooks (3 told me the same thing with the omega oils for the hormones ect.)

-B5 crap


-salicylic acid

-skin peals

-breathing exercises (now it controlled the way i breathed too)

-too many diets to mention

-collidal silver, topical silver

-countless herb concoctions

-barley grass supplements

-skintactix (may as well rub clay on your face, and chlorine to make the acne worse)

-flayvay or whatever its called

-zeno (expensive heap of s*** that they make you buy more tips for for it to work - low bastards)

-thermaclear (this one actually works half the time, i still use i rarely)

-gold soap

-bruunhause (i would go through the scam artist who made this like a circular saw if i had the chance)

-biodermagen (same as above)

-that 3 piece one like proactive that had bp and the chemicle that stops testosterone in the skin or something, i can't remember its name

-3-lac and 5-lac for candida

-about 10 different methods for a candida cure


i'm sure there's about 20-30 different brand name products i haven't mentioned because i can't remember them all. but i estimate i've spent up to about 10 - 15 thousand dollars trying to fix this (and i've never set foot in a derm's office in my life. i was too afraid). nothing else mattered. not even family or friends. i was hell-bent and i refused to live in the same life as this (suicide thoughts were always present). but everything i tried, the acne wouldn't even budge. this condition has simply tarnished what should have been a good young adulthood and i havn't lived a day since it first showed its ugly self. i knew i wasn't alone (which provided no comfort at all) and i was confused the whole time seeing none of my siblings, parents or grandparents ever had acne like i did.

i gave up countless times, then kicked myself back into the fight. for those 7-8 years there wasn't a moment of solace. it even followed me into my dreams at night. i would have nightmares about acne.

it was up until about a month ago that i found my freedom, i had felt like this everyday even when it was clearish, i was still sad because i knew in 3 days it would be back again.

so how did i do it? to put it simply, i took one element out of dan's regimen and applied it to my own. i had been using a soap i had bought on ebay called chinese sulfur soap. only because i knew it didn't have radioactive chemicles in it. also my diet is perfect (although i don't really think its nessacary anymore seeing i've tested it again to no negitive effect). i stay away from pork (allergies), and cooked veggie oil, and i eat veggies whenever i can. sugar has only an immediate but now limited effect. i also train like a madman. and i was also using papulex, but mainly because its leftover and i use it as moisturiser. it won't work miracles on its own. but there was never any guarantee that my skin wouldn't break out. so whats different? what did i do from dan's regimen?

I WASH MY FACE AS GENTLY AS I CAN. my fingers barely touch my face as i rub the sulfur soap over my face. thats it. thats all it was. i used to wash my face like i was washing the dog. and thats what made my pimples never disappear, although the first years would have been hormonal. but nowhere near as bad if i had just done this to start with. it was my mother who had told me to "really scrub it in or it won't work" when i was 14 and i had used that advise since (until now).

my skin's not as dry when i get out of the shower after doing this and sometimes i don't even need the papulex (moisturiser). my skin had never been clearer in 8 years.

All of this time suffering, hating, and waking up furious in the morning, its all over. i havn't had a decent size pimple since i started doing this. and they are still going away. i do get little ones that i just laugh at now because they are so powerless. they are gone in a day.

anyway, i think i should stop writing this book now. i've started living my life and i'm not afraid anymore. like i said, if this tiny bit of advise just helps one person out there as much as it did me, i'll be happy.

goodluck to you all


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Thank you for posting your story. Everyone has a different one to tell, and we appreciate them all.

The thing is, what you might consider trash could be a product that really helps others. It's very hard to cast aside any product as rubbish when it might work for someone else.

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