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Hello everyone, I'm here here and glad I ran into this site. I found out alot of stuff by reading here and its been very helpful. But after coutless reading I've decided to sign up and ask a few questions because i'm getting fixed reviews.

A. What is the proper way to wash your face?

1.First wash your hands with a good face soap to clean them.

2.Wet your face with warm water to open your pores.

3.Take the cleanser or face wash and get a small amount on your hands, about the size of a nickel. Rub some on your wet hands. Use cleanser that is gentle enough for your skin.

4. Work up a good lather by rubbing both hands together and applying it on your face.

5.Using your fingers, rub the cleanser all over your face removing dirt on the surface of your skin for about 2-5 minutes.

6.Rinse your face with cool, clean water, to close your pores, keeping the soap out of your eyes.

7.Pat your face dry with a clean and soft face towel. Make sure you pat it dry to reduce wrinkles as you mature.

8.It's a good idea to moisturize your face after washing it.


B. 1.First wash your hands with a good face soap to clean them.

2.Wet your face with warm water to open your pores.

3.pat down with clean/soft towel

4.apply the cleanser for about 2-5 minutes to face

5.wash it off with cold water

6. Pat face with clean soft towel.

C. Drinking sodas/coffee has an relation with Acne?

Thanks for all your help in this.

btw, I really don't have acne just break outs here and there and i'm trying to get it under control. Thanks.

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wash your face with your hands for no more than 15 seconds. DO NOT USE A WASHCLOTH

Personally, i always wash my hands with my cleanser before i wash my face. Just make sure whatever you wash your hands with wont make you break out because it can rub off when you wash your face.

Yes, warm water and steam will open your pores. I always wet my face to generate a strong lather when washing my face.

It all depends on what cleanser you are using, but I use two pumps of Dan's cleanser when washing my face.

Always work up a good lather

Never cleanse for more than 15 seconds. Dan has a video about cleansing on the regimen page, you should take a look at it.

Always pat dry.

I always moisturize AFTER I APPLY BENZOYL PEROXIDE, not after i wash it.

I know dan looked into the fact that acne and caffeine are related, but i do not remember what he found. Im sure if you look in his blog, you can find all the information you need on it.

I also just have breakouts. My face never just breakouts in certain spots all the time, its completely random. Im not sure if you have tried this yet, but Dan's regimen is incredible.

Hope this helped.

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I think you will find there is no ONE way to wash your face. It really depends on the products and the person.

I think the one universal would be that GENTLE face washing is key. Never scrub and pull at the skin when washing or drying. Try not to use very hot water either, as that can irritate, overdry and cause inflammation. even if using exfoliation, be gentle.

Pressure and scrubbing don't get the face clean; that just irritates the tissue and causes damage which will make your skin worse now, and as you age.

remember that inflammation in the skin is a big part of acne and scarring. Trauma to the tissue slows down the healing and weakens the skin for fighting the bacteria, and in general.

Good luck!

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