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Help! Sudden Breakout!

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Hi, I'm new to the boards, but I have been on Dan's regimen for over a year now and I'm usually just lingering around.

Here's my dilemma:

I woke up today and realized that I have a sudden breakout on my lower face, my chin and around my jaw line. I have no idea what caused this breakout and I have several theories:

-I had a lot of sun exposure on the 20th of this month because I had a beach BBQ. I could be breaking out from the sudden exposure to sun and possibly the sun screen I've used (neutrogena)

-I changed my cleanser, same brand just different form. I was on the Panoxyl foaming wash, now I'm on the same formula but in bar form; since walmart ran out of the foaming wash :confused:

-The humidity/pms could be causing this?

-Or lastly, everything just rolled into one.

I would like to comment, that the whole time I am on Dan's regimen, my acne has been under control, with little or no breakouts. I never really brokeout from pmsing, except for one or two zits here and there. I usually just use half to one full pump per application of the regimen twice a day and that was enough to keep me clear.

But this breakout is different, I woke up today with at least 20 new pimples (it's not sore and they're not inflamed), they're in areas I usually don't breakout at. I'm lost and confused, frustrated and just 'gRr'!

Please shed some light. :pray:

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