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why do people scar differently?

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i was just wondering.. why do people scar differently? looking through everybody's pictures and such, it's strange that scarring can take many different forms. ice picks, jagged, huge rolling, circular craters, etc. and it seems like, for the most part, that most of us suffer primarily from a certain type. why is this? we all have skin and we all have acne? are there certain types of acne that causes certain types of scarring? sorry, it's 3 am and i'm rambling, but it makes me wonder why certain skin reacts differently. genetics for sure has something to do with it, there may be an answer out there already that i don't know about, and this may be the dumbest thread created, or maybe even a similar topic has already been created. YOU decide...

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we all have skin and we all have acne?

yes. we all have different types of skin and acne though. whether they are affected by ethnicity/heredity/etc. or the persons' lifestyle such as active and healthy or lazy and gluttonous. Skin is different from one another, therefore they all react differently to different acne. Obviously a nodule would create a larger scar than a tiny little whitehead.

If everyone had the same acne and same, then everyone would then have the same scars. Then everyone would use the same scar treatment, but as you see in the scar forum, there are hundreds of treatments and remedies.

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I've always wondered this because I have rolling, icepick and boxcar scars on different areas of my face.

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